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University of Liverpool School of Medicine provides the Medicine (A100) and Dentistry (A200) courses.

Medicine (A100) Requirements


Ranked for interview using UCAT and academic ability (GCSEs)

If in SJT Band 4, will not be expected to be invited to interview.

A competitive UCAT score in 2019-2020 was 2400.

Personal Statement

Applicants to the A100 programme will not routinely have their personal statements or academic references assessed as part of the decision to invite them to interview. The information relevant to a personal statement is likely to be considered as part of the interview process.

Academic Requirements

GCSE Requirements

GCSE Requrements for University of Liverpool School of Medicine are:

  • Maths - Grade 6 minimum
  • English - Grade 6 minimum
  • Science - Grade 6 minimum in Biology, Chemistry, and Physics, or Core & Additional Science
  • Other requiremants - 9 GCSEs attained by the end of Y11 with a minimum score of 15 points, with 8/9 = 3, 7 = 2, 6 = 1. Up to two Level 2 BTECs (1 point) or OCR awards (D* = 3, D = 2, M = 1) can replace GCSEs.

9 GCSEs are scored as on the left. GCSEs make up 75% of the weighting in scoring for interview

A-levels or Scottish Higher requirements.

AAA at A Level, to include Chemistry together with either Biology, Physics or Mathematics and a third academic subject. Alternatively A*AB also accepted but the A* A grades must include Chemistry together with either Biology, Physics or Maths; and a B grade required in the third academic subject. General Studies is not considered for this course.

AA at Advanced Higher including Chemistry, and one of either  Biology, Physics, and Maths.

AAAAB comprising Chemistry and one of either Biology, Physics and Maths

International Baccalaureate

36 points with 6,6,6 at Higher Level; each at a minimum of 6 to include Chemistry with either Biology, Physics or Mathematics and one other academic subject plus three further subjects at standard level, minimum of 5 points each.

Alternatively, 36 points overall (at first sitting): Higher level (HL) a minimum of 7,6,5 but the 7 and 6 grades must include Chemistry together with either Biology, Physics or Mathematics in any order and 5 in a third academic subject. 5,5,5 at standard level (subjects not offered at HL)

Graduate Applicant Degree Requirements

If applying as a graduate, a 2:1 honours degree in a biological, biomedical or health sciences degree, A levels of BCC including Chemistry and one other science subject ( E.g. Biology, Maths or Physics) will be considered. If applying with a non-science degree, higher grades in Science A levels would be required. Required to take GAMSAT.

Widening Participation

Liverpool medical school gives special consideration to Liverpool Scholars and students on the Realising Opportunities programme. There are also specific reduced entry criteria for those who offer non-traditional courses such as Open University modules and locally approved Access courses. The medical school is piloting the use of contextual data in the admissions process. See website for details.

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