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The University of Birmingham School of Medicine in England provides the following courses that require UCAT:

  • Medicine (A100)
  • Medicine Graduate Entry (A101)
  • Dentistry (A200)


Separate candidates into UCAT deciles and award a score. Award interviews by: 45% academic (GCSE) + 35% UCAT + 20% contextual. SJT is used at the interview stage.

For 2020 the converted scores for UCAT at the University of Birmingham were:

Total UCAT score Decile Converted score

2910 and above



2790 - 2900



2730 - 2780



2670 - 2720



2620 - 2660



2560 - 2610



2500 - 2550



2420 - 2490



2320 - 2410



2310 and below



Personal Statement

The University of Birmingham School of Medicine uses personal statements.

Personal statement is not scored. It is expected that the statement provides evidence of commitment to study medicine.

Academic Requirements

GCSE Requirements

GCSE Requrements for the University of Birmingham are:

  • Maths - Grade 6 minimum (one, but not both, of Methods in Mathematics and Applications of Mathematics also acceptable)
  • English - Grade 6 minimum
  • Science - Grade 6 minimum in Biology and Chemistry or Dual Award Science
  • Other requiremants - Seven GCSEs must be offered, including English (both English Language and English Literature), Mathematics (or one, but not both, of Methods in Mathematics and Applications of Mathematics), Biology and Chemistry (or dual award science).

GCSEs are scored. For the 5 required subjects, 8 or 9/A* = 4, 7/A = 2, 6/B = 1. For each of the two unspecified subjects, a score of 2 will be allocated when an 8 or 9/A*grade has been obtained. Lower grades will not receive a score.

The total GCSE score will be scaled to a maximum of 4.5. GCSEs make up 45% of the weighting in selecting for interview.

A-levels or Scottish Higher requirements.

A*AA at A level including Biology and Chemistry. General Studies, Critical Thinking and EPQ are not accepted as a third A level.

AA at Advanced Higher including Biology and Chemistry.

International Baccalaureate

6,6,6 at Higher Level, including Chemistry, Biology and one other approved subject. A minimum of 32 points must be attained.

Graduate Applicant Degree Requirements

Applicants must possess a 2:1 degree in any subject and have achieved ABB at A Level including Biology and Chemistry.

Widening Participation

We recruit medicine students via a number of outreach schemes: Pathways to Birmingham. Contextual data is taken into account when selecting home applicants for interview. Birmingham defines a contextual school using performance data at GCSE and A level. They combine this with POLAR data to generate a contextual score, which is an element of our algorithm for calculating an application score. See website for details. Birmingham Medical School is part of the UKWPMED Scheme.

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