Hull York Medical School

Hull York Medical School in York, England provides the following courses:

  • Medicine (A100)
  • Medicine with a gateway (A101)


Interviews are awarded based on UCAT Cognitive Subtests (40 points) + SJT (15 points) + GCSE results (30 points). If in SJT Band 4, will not be invited to interview.

Cut-off score for over the last few years varied from 55.42 (2019) to 66.25 (2017)

Personal Statement

The personal statement is screened before offer but not scored. All available information, including the personal statement, may be used when assessing applicants who are borderline at selection for offer or selection for interview.

Academic Requirements

GCSE Requirements

GCSE Requrements for Hull York Medical School are:

  • Maths - Grade 6 minimum, or AS Level Grade B or above, or Core Maths Grade B or above
  • English - Grade 6 minimum, or AS-level Grade B or above, or A Level English Language or Literature/Language Grade B or above.
  • Science - No requirements
  • Other requiremants - 6 GCSEs at grade B for or above minimum

Best 8 GCSEs are scored for a maximum of 30 points. GCSEs make up 30% of the weighting in scoring for interview.

A-levels or Scottish Higher requirements.

A-Levels: The standard A Level offer is AAA at A Level including Biology and Chemistry with a pass in the science practicals, if certified separately. For the third A Level subject they consider all subjects equally apart from General Studies, Applied Science, Citizenship and Critical Thinking. They do not consider Maths and Further Maths, or Biology and Human Biology, as distinct subjects for the purposes of offering three distinct A Level subjects. 

Scottish Higher: You must have AAAAB at Higher Level, plus BBB at Advanced Higher Level, which should include Biology and Chemistry. HYMS will also accept AAAAA at Higher Level, plus AA at Advanced Higher Level, including Biology and Chemistry.

International Baccalaureate

36 points overall with 665 at Higher Level, to include Biology and Chemistry.

Graduate Applicant Degree Requirements

2:1 degree and A-levels at BBB (or equivalent).  Sufficient grounding in Biology and Chemistry to be considered equivalent to grade A at A Level, either through A Levels or Degree or a combination of both. Should have 6 GCSEs Grade 9/A* - C/4 including GCSE English Language at grade 6/B and GCSE Maths at grade 6/B. 

Widening Participation

AAB for Contextual offers.

ABB at A Level including Biology and Chemistry alternative offer

Alternative offers are optional lower offers given to students subject successfully completing one of the following recognised widening participation schemes:

  • University of York Next Step York programme
  • University of York Pathways to STEM programme
  • Hull York Medical School Pathways to Medicine programme
  • Realising Opportunities programme
  • UKWPMED programmes (Hull York, Birmingham, Brighton Sussex, Keele, Manchester, Plymouth)

Eligibility for both offers require students to choose Hull York Medical School as their firm choice in UCAS.

See website for more details.

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