Medical Interview Training

Medical Interview Training

Interviews are an opportunity, not a hurdle

We passionately believe that all young people have a fascinating and individual life experience. Our role as interview trainers is to help these experiences and the passion you have for medicine shine through in a potentially stressful interview setting.

Tailored to your specific university/course offer

The sessions are tailored to the specific university/course for which the student has received an offer, enabling detailed discussion of the specific questions likely to arise at that interview.

Master interview technique

MedEntry's interview training sessions are run by doctors and academics with expertise in interview training and have been on many interview panels.

MedEntry's interview training sessions will:

  • Reduce stress you should not go into your interview unaware of the questions that you will be asked
  • Help you communicate effectively to help present your 'best-self' to the interview panel
  • Provide tips and strategies on how to succeed

Small groups for optimal training

The sessions are conducted in small groups of students, allowing personalised feedback and interaction to occur. An expert will facilitate the session and provide feedback on everything from interview technique to the intricacies of students' answers.


The training session is a day-long online program.

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MedEntry will be running an online training session on the 14th December 2019