Medical Interview Training

Medical Interview Training

Ace Your Medical Interview

  • Know the questions you'll be asked
  • Learn key strategies for success (MMI)
  • Practice in a simulated mock
  • Gain valuable, expert feedback

We passionately believe that all young people have a fascinating and individual life experience. Our role is to help these experiences and the passion you have for medicine shine through.

Interview Training in Two Parts

Strategy Day

Strategy Day with Dr Ray

Learn the strategies needed to succeed in a day long session with Dr Ray Boyapati, Consultant Gastroenterologist with 20 years of experience in medical interview training.

Mock Interview

Mock Interview

Practice your interview skills with a full length mock interview, and receive feedback from MedEntry staff on your performance.

Online Sessions

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, most universities will be conducting medical interviews online in 2020.

An online interview is different to an in-person one, and requires an understanding of how to best present yourself in a virtual environment. In order to provide students with accurate and safe simulated training, MedEntry’s 2020 Interview Training will take place online.

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