UCAT Timing Feature

UCAT Timing Feature

2 years ago by Stan

Anyone who has sat a UCAT practice exam under timed conditions will know that the hardest part of UCAT is the timing. How is it possible to answer 233 challenging UCAT questions in 180 minutes?

Well, it is possible to score highly in the UCAT despite the challenging time constraints. However, it is vital that you become familiar with the extreme time pressures faced in UCAT, and develop the skills required to cope.

MedEntry makes this easy by giving you the option of completing each of your UCAT practice exams under strict timed conditions, just like the live UCAT. If you complete several MedEntry UCAT practice exams in this manner, the live UCAT will just feel like another practice test!

Before you attempt a UCAT practice exam on the MedEntry LMS, the following screen will appear:

If you select the first option, the LMS will automatically progress you to the next UCAT subtest when the time for that subtest has elapsed. You will be compelled to complete the UCAT practice exam under timed conditions, just like in the live UCAT. This is the option that MedEntry strongly recommends you use.

If you select the second option, you will need to progress to the next UCAT subtest by following the prompts. You will be able to give yourself longer than the recommended time to complete the UCAT practice exam. MedEntry does not advise using this option, as it is essential that you become familiar with UCAT time constraints as early as possible in your UCAT preparation. If you feel you need to get ‘used’ to the questions in UCAT, we suggest working through the drills instead initially.

Best of luck with your UCAT prep!  

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