Applying for Medicine in the UK and Australia?

Applying for Medicine in the UK and Australia?

4 months ago by Stan

UCAT is used by universities in Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom for selection of students into medicine and dentistry. If you wish to apply to universities in both Australia/New Zealand and the UK, there is a specific procedure relating to UCAT that you must follow:

  • You will need to sit the UCAT ANZ. It is important that you sit this test so that your UCAT results are delivered to the appropriate Australian/New Zealand medical schools by their admissions deadlines (usually in September)
  • If you are also applying to study medicine at a UK university then you will need to contact the UCAT office by 15th October 2022 for 2023 entry (which is the UCAS application deadline in the UK) to provide the following information:
    • Your name
    • Your UCAT ANZ Candidate ID number (which you will receive when you register for the UCAT ANZ)
    • The UK universities to which you have applied
  • The UCAT office will then verify your UCAT ANZ score with the UCAT ANZ office and communicate your scores to your chosen UK universities.

Note that you do not need to sit both the UCAT ANZ and the UCAT UK.

Also note that each university has its own requirements when admitting international students into their courses. You should contact the admissions officer of each course you are interested in to confirm the requirements.

And don’t forget to undergo quality UCAT preparation!


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