Widening Access to Medicine

Widening Access to Medicine

Widening access/participation in medicine.


In the UK, medicine and being a doctor has traditionally been seen as a career for the elite or privileged in society.

Despite efforts to increase gender parity and ethnic diversity among UK doctors, the lack of people from lower socio-economic backgrounds entering the profession is still a reality. Widening participation (WP) is a UK government initiative offering opportunities to groups of people who are under-represented in higher education.

Some under-represented groups include people:

  • who are the first generation to consider higher education.
  • from low socio-economic groups.
  • attending schools with low progression into higher education.

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Suitable Supporting Evidence

  • Free school meals
    • A letter from the student's school/college, or local council confirming that they are eligible to/or recieve free school meals.
  • 16-19 bursary (England) or Education Maintenance Allowance (EMA) (Scotland, Wales or NI)
    • An official award letter for this academic year.
  • Universal credit
  • Income Support/Job Seeker's Allowance or Employment and Support Allowance (ESA)
    • If the student or their parent/guardian recieves this, then they can provide a letter from the UK Jobcentre Plus, dated in 2021.
  • Asylum Support
    • If the student or a parent/guardian recieves this support, then they can provide a 2021 dated letter.
  • Working or Child Tax Credit
    • If the student or a family member is in receipt of Tax Credits, then they can provide a letter dated from 2020/21 or 2021/22. The student must be named on the award.