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5 UCAT Tips from a student who scored >3500!

Tim was a MedEntry student who achieved a whopping 3520 in the UCAT last year, which was the highest score achieved. Tim is now studying medicine at the University of New South Wales. In this blog, Tim shares his top 5 UCAT tips. 1. Periodically Check Your UCAT Timing While doing the UCAT, it’s very easy to get lost in the questions, focusing on reading and answering each one correctly. However, this carries the risk of running out of time, or not getting as many questions done as you would have hoped. Learning to quickly see if you’re on pace to...
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Timing is of the essence in UCAT. If you were given sufficient time to answer UCAT questions, the majority of students would perform very well. However, the UCAT Consortium intentionally gives students insufficient time to answer UCAT questions, in order to distinguish the top UCAT candidates from the rest. Because timing is so important, MedEntry has developed a UCAT ‘Timing Trainer’ feature to help you improve your timing. This feature can be used in all UCAT Drills and UCAT Subtest Mocks. The Timing Trainer displays how long you have spent on a UCAT question (or unit of questions), in comparison to...
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UCAT Timing Feature

Anyone who has sat a UCAT practice exam under timed conditions will know that the hardest part of UCAT is the timing. How is it possible to answer 233 challenging UCAT questions in 180 minutes? Well, it is possible to score highly in the UCAT despite the challenging time constraints. However, it is vital that you become familiar with the extreme time pressures faced in UCAT, and develop the skills required to cope. MedEntry makes this easy by giving you the option of completing each of your UCAT practice exams under strict timed conditions, just like the live UCAT. If you...
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