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  Without a doubt, most UCAT test takers find Verbal Reasoning to be the most challenging subtest. The combination of the stringent timing (~30s per question), the information dense passages and of course, testing nerves (being the first UCAT section!), can often result in lower scores in this subtest. It is important to note that participants tend to score lower Mean in UCAT Verbal Reasoning – from last year’s UCAT test statistics, you can see that the mean for Verbal Reasoning is lower than that across the other subtests. During your UCAT practice, don’t be disheartened if you struggle with this...
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5 Tips For UCAT Timing

If you ask any candidate sitting UCAT what the hardest part of the UCAT is, they will inevitably say one thing: timing. All questions in the UCAT are do-able if you are given unlimited time. If sufficient time is given, most students would be able to score very highly in UCAT. However, UCAT is designed intentionally to give you less time than is required to answer UCAT questions. This is the only way the UCAT Consortium can distinguish the top performers from the rest of the pack. In fact, each year over one fifth of UCAT candidates fail to mark an...
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5 Tips for UCAT Exam Day

Huiyi scored 99th percentile in UCAT (overall cognitive score 3160 / average 790). In this blog, she describes her top 5 tips for UCAT test day. 1. Don’t panic This might sound like another one of those easier said than done things that people around you might say, but it’s actually so important on the day itself! Plan ahead in advance for transportation to and from the UCAT exam centre. If you are taking public transport, keep in mind the possible delays caused and try to adjust for it. Better yet, get your family members to drop you off at the...
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Nutrition is Important for UCAT Test Day

Napoleon Bonaparte once famously said “an army marches on its stomach”, and that is as relevant for UCAT as it was for the French Armies that Bonaparte commanded. Those who are about to participate in an important event, be it sports or social, make sure that they eat right to perform at their best.  Making sure you put the right things into your body in the lead up to UCAT is vital to making sure that you perform well on the day of the test. I’m sure you are well aware of what a quality diet involves, so in this post...
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Situational Judgement UCAT questions test a different type of non-cognitive aptitude, and can be challenging if you do not have an effective framework to answer them. This blog covers five key tips for success in the UCAT Situational Judgement test. 1.  Identify the key issue(s) in the scenario When reading the UCAT Situational Judgement scenario, it is important to read actively, identifying the key issues raised. This will help you to judge the relative importance of considerations, or the appropriateness of various actions. For example, a consideration is likely to be ‘very important’ if it addresses a key issue raised in...
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Top 5 Under-Rated UCAT Preparation Strategies

1. Learn how to speed-read Not enough students are working on improving their speed reading. There are a lot of resources out there that can help you with this and I highly recommend delving into some of these (such as MedEntry’s UCAT Speed Reading trainer). The major problem I see time and time again is that in their UCAT preparation, students try to learn how to speed-read but do not end up doing so efficiently. They either fail to absorb content and miss key details or do not read at a particularly fast rate. This UCAT strategy is pertinent to the UCAT...
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The day before UCAT Ensure that you have everything you need for UCAT test day: importantly, a printout of your UCAT email confirmation from Pearson VUE and acceptable photographic identification (the name must match the one on your confirmation email, and it must be unexpired). Also ensure that you know where your UCAT testing centre is, and how you are going to get there. If you are ill or have extenuating personal circumstances, you can reschedule your UCAT test. You can do so by contacting Pearson VUE. Remember that if you present yourself for the UCAT, you are declaring yourself to...
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UCAT 2021: Top Tips for Quantitative Reasoning

The Quantitative Reasoning subtest of UCAT can be challenging, even for those who are proficient at maths. This is largely due to the extreme time pressure placed on students in this UCAT subtest. The commonest mistake made by students in the Quantitative Reasoning subtest is to approach it like you would approach a high school maths test – by calculating everything perfectly, checking your working and not being aware of common wrong answer traps.  To do well in the Quantitative Reasoning subtest of UCAT, you need a strategic approach. This blog outlines five key tips. Tip 1: Use the UCAT calculator...
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UCAT 2021: Top tips for decision making

The Decision Making subtest of UCAT was first introduced in 2017. Students will be presented with a variety of question types. The questions presented are characteristic, but often unusual. It is therefore important that you practice answering Decision Making UCAT questions, and develop familiarity with each type. This blog describes five key tips to help you answer Decision Making UCAT questions quickly and accurately. Know the strategies for each question type There are five major question types in the Decision Making subtest of UCAT: Logic games: you are presented with a series of statements describing people or objects. You will be...
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Due to the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic, and for the first time, candidates sitting UCAT UK 2020 have the option of sitting UCAT online, rather than at a UCAT testing centre. If you have chosen to sit UCAT UK 2020 online, here are three top tips to ensure the experience goes smoothly. 1. Organise your space Unlike sitting UCAT UK 2020 in a testing centre, when you sit UCAT online, you will need to ensure that you have a suitable room and equipment to sit the test. Ensure you have: A table clear of clutterA quiet room where you will not be...
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For the first time ever, UCAT UK candidates will be able to sit their test either in a testing centre, or at home, online. This is as a result of the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic. Because the UCAT Consortium is allowing students to sit UCAT online, they recently developed an online ‘Scratch Pad’ feature in lieu of the usual ‘Noteboard’ that is provided in UCAT testing centres. Shortly after making this announcement, the UCAT Consortium decided that they will also allow candidates testing at home to use a whiteboard, as long as it satisfies certain size and style requirements. So, you may...
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