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What is a good UCAT UK 2021 score?

This blog answers some common questions about UCAT UK scores. When and how will I receive my UCAT UK 2020 results? When and how you receive your UCAT UK 2020 results will depend on whether you are sitting UCAT UK 2020 in a UCAT testing centre, or online. If you are sitting UCAT UK 2020 in a testing centre, you will be given a printout of your UCAT score report before leaving the testing venue. Your UCAT score report will also be available online via your Pearson VUE account approximately 24 hours after your UCAT test. If you are sitting UCAT...
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5 Tips For UCAT Timing

If you ask any candidate sitting UCAT what the hardest part of the UCAT is, they will inevitably say one thing: timing. All questions in the UCAT are do-able if you are given unlimited time. If sufficient time is given, most students would be able to score very highly in UCAT. However, UCAT is designed intentionally to give you less time than is required to answer UCAT questions. This is the only way the UCAT Consortium can distinguish the top performers from the rest of the pack. In fact, each year over one fifth of UCAT candidates fail to mark an...
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Nutrition is Important for UCAT Test Day

Napoleon Bonaparte once famously said “an army marches on its stomach”, and that is as relevant for UCAT as it was for the French Armies that Bonaparte commanded. Those who are about to participate in an important event, be it sports or social, make sure that they eat right to perform at their best.  Making sure you put the right things into your body in the lead up to UCAT is vital to making sure that you perform well on the day of the test. I’m sure you are well aware of what a quality diet involves, so in this post...
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With UCAT rapidly approaching, it is important that you take a few moments to check whether you are UCAT ready. MedEntry has compiled a checklist of 10 essential tasks to complete before UCAT test day.          1. Register for UCAT and check your ID Ensure you have registered for UCAT and scheduled a UCAT testing date/time. If you have done so, you will have received a confirmation email from Pearson VUE. Confirm that your identification document is acceptable and that the name and date of birth on the document exactly matches the details you provided to Pearson VUE....
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UCAT Scoring and Scaling: How does it work? Part 2

The blog “UCAT Scoring and Scaling: How does it work? Part 1” explained how the scoring and scaling of UCAT works. In this blog we will discuss what all that means for you in practice. Negative marking There is no negative marking in UCAT. Why? There is a lot of educational research and literature on this point, but in summary, if there is negative marking, risk averse students will not answer as many UCAT questions as those who are not risk averse. It is in the test designers’ interest that you answer all the UCAT questions. This is because they have...
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Dealing With Disappointing UCAT Mock Scores: 3 Tips

So you’ve been preparing for UCAT by working through the UCAT guides and attempting UCAT practice questions and exams. Then one day you receive a disappointing UCAT mock exam score. So what should you do? Is it time to freak out? Is it time to give up on your medical entry dream? No! Read on for three key tips. 1.  Understand what a UCAT score means and how they are calculated Firstly, it is vital that you understand UCAT percentiles, and how they are calculated. Essentially, a percentile compares your performance against other UCAT candidates who have attempted that particular subtest...
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What Will UCAT Test Day Be Like?

For many students, sitting UCAT can be a daunting prospect. UCAT is a very different experience to standard high school or university examinations. This blog describes in detail what to expect on the day of UCAT. UCAT check in When you arrive, you will need to check in with an invigilator (UCAT exam supervisor). This will involve the following: You will need to present your photographic identification (and occasionally your email confirmation from Pearson VUE)A photograph will be taken of youYou will need to sign the UCAT Consortium Examination Rules Belongings You will be asked to store your personal belongings in...
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5 Key UCAT tips

There are a wealth of strategies and techniques that are useful in boosting your UCAT performance. Each UCAT section and question type requires a slightly different approach. Relevant techniques are discussed in detail in the MedEntry UCAT course. In the meantime, here are five important tips that will help you in preparing for and sitting UCAT. 1. Work on your weaknesses Each of the five sections in UCAT tests different skills. It is likely that you will find some UCAT subtests easier than others, and that you will have a natural ability or affinity for particular questions. As early as possible...
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Top 5 Under-Rated UCAT Preparation Strategies

1. Learn how to speed-read Not enough students are working on improving their speed reading. There are a lot of resources out there that can help you with this and I highly recommend delving into some of these (such as MedEntry’s UCAT Speed Reading trainer). The major problem I see time and time again is that in their UCAT preparation, students try to learn how to speed-read but do not end up doing so efficiently. They either fail to absorb content and miss key details or do not read at a particularly fast rate. This UCAT strategy is pertinent to the UCAT...
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5 Tips for UCAT Abstract Reasoning

Struggling with UCAT Abstract Reasoning questions? Check out this blog which outlines 5 top tips. 1.  Identify the pattern first When you are first starting out with Abstract Reasoning UCAT questions, it can be tempting to focus on the test shape and try to ‘match’ it to the sets. This wastes valuable time and is unlikely to lead you to the correct answer. Instead, start by examining the sets and looking for a pattern. Once you have identified the pattern, it will be easy to determine which set the test shape fits into.  2.  Choose your own perspective Some questions are...
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5 Tips for UCAT Success

The UCAT is not an easy exam. It is intense both when you prepare for it and when you undertake it. It requires every ounce of mental concentration and effort to do well. However, you need not be worried about this: the conditions apply to everybody and what determines whether you will do well in UCAT is if you can perform better than your peers. Always remember that a large portion of students are going into UCAT without proper experience of questions or experience of the conditions which ultimately puts YOU above them. Here are five tips from my UCAT experience...
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What is the Highest UCAT Score Ever Achieved?

The highest UCAT score ever achieved was 3530, achieved by an Australian student in 2019. This student obtained the following UCAT subtest scores: UCAT Verbal Reasoning: 890UCAT Decision Making: 840UCAT Quantitative Reasoning: 900UCAT Abstract Reasoning: 900 The student’s UCAT candidate score report is displayed below: As you can see from the UCAT Summary test statistics 2019 (displayed below), 3530 was the maximum score achieved in the 2019 UCAT ANZ. In fact, it was the highest UCAT score achieved worldwide, and the highest UCAT score achieved to date. The student who achieved this score chose to prepare for UCAT with MedEntry. The...
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UCAT 2021: Top Tips for Quantitative Reasoning

The Quantitative Reasoning subtest of UCAT can be challenging, even for those who are proficient at maths. This is largely due to the extreme time pressure placed on students in this UCAT subtest. The commonest mistake made by students in the Quantitative Reasoning subtest is to approach it like you would approach a high school maths test – by calculating everything perfectly, checking your working and not being aware of common wrong answer traps.  To do well in the Quantitative Reasoning subtest of UCAT, you need a strategic approach. This blog outlines five key tips. Tip 1: Use the UCAT calculator...
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How important is UCAT?

You might have heard of the UCAT, you might have not, but chances are you will have to sit it to apply to medicine. But how important is the UCAT? The UCAT exam is an aptitude test used by many UK medical and density schools as part of their application process. It is an extremely important part of the application process and is not just a tick box exercise. The way it is used is very variable between universities, however it is important in: 1. Getting an interview If you apply to a UCAT requiring university it will be used as...
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  Verbal Reasoning is one of the most difficult and time pressured subtests of UCAT. In fact, up to 20% of students each year fail to answer every question – that is, they run out of time to even randomly guess some questions! This blog describes five key strategies to help you boost your speed and performance in the 2021 UCAT Verbal Reasoning subtest.   Increase your reading speed Speed reading is a key skill that is required to succeed in the Verbal Reasoning subtest of UCAT. Not only will you be faced with lengthy passages of text, but you will...
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UCAT UK Score to Percentile Calculator

UCAT Official has released UCAT test statistics to help you see how your UCAT score compares to other candidates. However, the data only shows you your UCAT decile - it does not provide your actual UCAT percentile. MedEntry has released a calculator that will help you convert your UCAT scores into estimated UCAT percentile rankings. You can find the calculator here: Simply enter in your UCAT scaled scores for each UCAT subtest, and you will be provided with an estimated UCAT percentile ranking for the cognitive subtests, and a separate estimated percentile ranking for the UCAT Situational Judgement test. This information...
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UCAT UK Registration deadline Registrations and Online booking to sit UCAT UK 2020 will close this Thursday 17th September at midday BST! If you plan to sit UCAT UK in 2020 and have not yet registered, please do so immediately. Remember that this is your only chance to sit UCAT in 2020. If you have registered but not booked, you can make a booking until 30 September, however it is recommended that you book as soon as possible so that you do not miss out on your preferred booking date or time. To register, please visit: Booking instructions can be found...
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Due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, and for the first time, UCAT UK will be offered online as well as in a UCAT testing centre. UCAT UK candidates will have the option to sit UCAT 2020 at home, which will be remotely supervised. You may be wondering what it will be like to sit UCAT at home – read on! UCAT Test Content The content of UCAT UK online will be the same as if you sat the test in a UCAT testing centre. The test will consist of the same five subtests (UCAT Verbal Reasoning, UCAT Decision Making, UCAT Quantitative...
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Timing is of the essence in UCAT. If you were given sufficient time to answer UCAT questions, the majority of students would perform very well. However, the UCAT Consortium intentionally gives students insufficient time to answer UCAT questions, in order to distinguish the top UCAT candidates from the rest. Because timing is so important, MedEntry has developed a UCAT ‘Timing Trainer’ feature to help you improve your timing. This feature can be used in all UCAT Drills and UCAT Subtest Mocks. The Timing Trainer displays how long you have spent on a UCAT question (or unit of questions), in comparison to...
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UCAT Registrations: What Testing Date Should I Choose?

  Registrations to sit UCAT 2020 are now open! If you are planning to sit UCAT in 2020, we suggest booking your UCAT testing date as soon as possible. Remember, popular dates to sit UCAT do book out! Here are three key tips for choosing your perfect UCAT 2020 testing date. 1. Choose your UCAT date and time carefully UCAT is an important test, so it is vital that you take some time to consider the best UCAT 2020 testing date and time for you. Factors you should consider when choosing a UCAT date include: School holidays: many schools have holidays...
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