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  Without a doubt, most UCAT test takers find Verbal Reasoning to be the most challenging subtest. The combination of the stringent timing (~30s per question), the information dense passages and of course, testing nerves (being the first UCAT section!), can often result in lower scores in this subtest. It is important to note that participants tend to score lower Mean in UCAT Verbal Reasoning – from last year’s UCAT test statistics, you can see that the mean for Verbal Reasoning is lower than that across the other subtests. During your UCAT practice, don’t be disheartened if you struggle with this...
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Optimising your performance in UCAT: 5 Lessons from Sports Psychology

Preparing for the UCAT is like preparing for a marathon: it requires training, persistence and strategies to optimise your performance on UCAT test day. Just as an athlete prepares for a major sporting event, so you must prepare yourself to sit UCAT, which is one of the most important exams that you will face in your career. We can learn much from athletes about optimising performance in UCAT, as outlined in this TED talk by Martin Hagger: This talk discusses how highly successful athletes prepare themselves before a competition. The five key points are summarised below, with an emphasis on how...
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Is It Too Late To Start Preparing For UCAT 2021?

The short answer is: no. Improving your performance in UCAT is possible, no matter how late you start (unless you start preparing the night before UCAT, of course!). The long answer is: it depends on how you prepare for UCAT. At this stage, it’s important to study smart. This involves being focussed, and preparing in ways that will make a difference to your UCAT performance. Trying to do as many UCAT practice exams and questions as you can will take up a lot of your time, and may not be the most efficient way to prepare. Here are three key tips to...
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How I Scored 900 In UCAT Verbal Reasoning

UCAT Verbal Reasoning is widely known as the hardest and lowest scoring UCAT subtest. The average UCAT Verbal Reasoning score over the past five years has been 570 out of 900. Sara scored an amazing 900 in UCAT Verbal Reasoning (the highest possible Verbal Reasoning score!). In this blog she shares her top 5 UCAT Verbal Reasoning tips.  Tip 1: Learn to Speed Read One of the biggest challenges during the UCAT Verbal Reasoning subtest lies in being able to read the passage, read the question, and finally work out the correct answer. If you feel that you’re struggling with getting...
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How I scored 900 in UCAT Decision Making

The UCAT Decision Making subtest poses several challenges, including various question types, limited time, and difficult questions. However, I managed to score a perfect 900 on the Decision Making subtest. There were several strategies that allowed me to bring my score up from the 600 range to the 800-900s. Here are my top 5 tips. Tip 1: Understand each UCAT Decision Making question type A huge advantage you have in the UCAT Decision Making subtest is that you essentially know all the question types that you will be asked before you sit the test. The UCAT Decision Making subtest is one...
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Dealing With Disappointing UCAT Mock Scores: 3 Tips

So you’ve been preparing for UCAT by working through the UCAT guides and attempting UCAT practice questions and exams. Then one day you receive a disappointing UCAT mock exam score. So what should you do? Is it time to freak out? Is it time to give up on your medical entry dream? No! Read on for three key tips. 1.  Understand what a UCAT score means and how they are calculated Firstly, it is vital that you understand UCAT percentiles, and how they are calculated. Essentially, a percentile compares your performance against other UCAT candidates who have attempted that particular subtest...
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What Will UCAT Test Day Be Like?

For many students, sitting UCAT can be a daunting prospect. UCAT is a very different experience to standard high school or university examinations. This blog describes in detail what to expect on the day of UCAT. UCAT check in When you arrive, you will need to check in with an invigilator (UCAT exam supervisor). This will involve the following: You will need to present your photographic identification (and occasionally your email confirmation from Pearson VUE)A photograph will be taken of youYou will need to sign the UCAT Consortium Examination Rules Belongings You will be asked to store your personal belongings in...
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4 Steps to Transform your Weakest UCAT Subtest into your Strongest

Although I had been preparing for UCAT for over 6 months, with less than 2 weeks to go until the UCAT, I still wasn't feeling confident about UCAT Abstract Reasoning. I was consistently scoring in the high 80th or 90th percentiles for other UCAT subtests on the MedEntry online platform, but was still ranging from 40-70th percentile in UCAT Abstract Reasoning. Since I was happy with my performance in the other UCAT sections, I decided to do some intensive UCAT Abstract Reasoning study to improve my skills as much as possible before my UCAT exam. This involved doing a couple of...
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I have just completed UCAT 2021! What a relief to have it done. There were no surprises and I felt well prepared thanks to MedEntry’s UCAT preparation. Here’s how the day went: Arrival and registration I sat UCAT in a morning session. My confirmation email from Pearson VUE said that I should arrive at least 30 minutes before my UCAT testing appointment, which I did. The building was well signed and when I arrived there were already some other UCAT candidates sitting in the waiting area. I was asked to have a seat and read through some UCAT test instructions. After...
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What's the Best UCAT Preparation Course?

If you wish to study medicine or dentistry, chances are you need to sit UCAT. UCAT is an important component of entry into most undergraduate medical and dental degrees across the United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand. UCAT is a very difficult, time-pressured test, very unlike school or university exams. Quality UCAT preparation, and choosing the best UCAT preparation course, is therefore essential. It can be difficult to choose the best UCAT preparation course, when there are so many available. Here are some factors to consider: 1.  Who runs the UCAT preparation course? Unfortunately almost all UCAT preparation courses are run...
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Booking UCAT UK 2021: What Testing Date Should I Choose?

Bookings to sit UCAT 2021 are now open! If you are planning to sit UCAT in 2021, we suggest booking your UCAT testing date as soon as possible. Remember, popular dates and locations to sit UCAT do book out! UCAT offers a variety of testing dates, times and locations. This gives you the flexibility to choose a UCAT testing date that is convenient to you. Here are three key tips for choosing your perfect UCAT 2021 testing date. 1. Choose your UCAT date and time carefully UCAT is an important test, so it is vital that you take some time to...
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How important is UCAT?

You might have heard of the UCAT, you might have not, but chances are you will have to sit it to apply to medicine. But how important is the UCAT? The UCAT exam is an aptitude test used by many UK medical and density schools as part of their application process. It is an extremely important part of the application process and is not just a tick box exercise. The way it is used is very variable between universities, however it is important in: 1. Getting an interview If you apply to a UCAT requiring university it will be used as...
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MedEntry is now offering one on one UCAT tutoring as an add on for students with Online and Platinum Packages. UCAT tutoring will be conducted online, from the comfort and safety of your own home. Students will receive personalised UCAT coaching from an experienced tutor/mentor who has performed exceptionally well in UCAT, interviews and school. MedEntry UCAT tutors are the best of the best - they have come through a very stringent vetting process, and are continually assessed to ensure they meet the highest quality that is expected of the MedEntry name. This personalised UCAT tutoring provides highly relevant training and...
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5 UCAT Tips from a student who scored >3500!

Tim was a MedEntry student who achieved a whopping 3520 in the UCAT last year, which was the highest score achieved. Tim is now studying medicine at the University of New South Wales. In this blog, Tim shares his top 5 UCAT tips. 1. Periodically Check Your UCAT Timing While doing the UCAT, it’s very easy to get lost in the questions, focusing on reading and answering each one correctly. However, this carries the risk of running out of time, or not getting as many questions done as you would have hoped. Learning to quickly see if you’re on pace to...
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Registrations to sit UCAT UK 2021 are open. You can now create a Pearson VUE web account. Account registrations will be open until 22nd September 2021. You will need to register for the test personally. If you already have an account with Pearson VUE, you should use that existing account. You will need to register with your legal name, exactly as it appears on the photo ID you intend to present when you sit your test. You might not be able to sit the test if it is not an exact match. During registration you will need to provide the information...
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Why 6 weeks preparation isn't enough for UCAT

UCAT Consortium Universities (UCATCU) claim that intensive, sustained preparation for UCAT is not necessary. They advise that 6 weeks of preparation is sufficient for UCAT. There are many reasons why UCATCU make such claims. To give yourself the best chance of succeeding in UCAT, it is important that you are sceptical of these claims.  UCATCU’s claims are designed to discourage students from undergoing extended UCAT preparation. Just as some elite schools, universities and hospitals provide a better service and 'value-add' more, reputable UCAT preparation institutions such as MedEntry do the same to your UCAT score. But admitting this fact goes against the philosophy...
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UCAT Weekly Classes Now Available!

Have you ever wished you could have a regular UCAT tutor and classmates with whom you could discuss difficult UCAT questions?  If that is true then MedEntry’s online, live-streamed Weekly UCAT Classes will benefit you.  The UCAT Weekly Classes run for twelve weeks from March to June. Your tutor will work through the five sections of the UCAT, covering each of the UCAT question types, demonstrating key UCAT strategies and providing tips to optimise your performance on UCAT test day. Moreover, Weekly Classes students have the unique opportunity to nominate UCAT questions that they find difficult for discussion in the Weekly...
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