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UCAT Services


UCAT Workshops

MedEntry's workshops have become famous - informative, engaging, interactive and successful.

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Online Platform

MedEntry pioneered online learning for the UCAT: state-of-the-art technology personalises your training.

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Personal Support

The UCAT, Interviews and University Admissions can be daunting in your final years of high school. We've got your back.

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Smartphone App

The MedEntry app lets you easily use the LMS on your mobile and tablet device. Download for iPhone/iPad or Android.

UCAT Packages

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The MedEntry Quality Guarantee

Want a Platinum Package absolutely free?

MedEntry is so confident in the quality of our preparation resources, that we have a quality guarantee:

Find any educational institution with higher rated and more reviews than MedEntry, and we will offer
the Platinum Package absolutely free !

Most local and overseas UCAT prep companies have ZERO ratings or just a handful. MedEntry has over 3000 Google and Facebook reviews from around Australia, New Zealand, Ireland and the UK at an average rating of 4.9/5 - that's better than ivy league universities.

We are so confident in the unparalleled excellence of the services provided by our Doctors that we can offer this Quality Guarantee.

MedEntry Reviews

A rating of 4.9 based on over 3000 reviews