MedEntry Orientation - Personal Tutoring

MedEntry Orientation - Personal Tutoring

Getting Started

Tutor allocations begin from June onwards. Once your tutor has been allocated, you will receive the details of your tutor via email. When you have received the details of your tutor, please contact him/her to arrange your tutoring sessions.

Your package includes 5 hours of tutoring (you can purchase more if necessary), and you can also contact your tutor in between sessions. You can arrange your sessions in any manner you wish, for example, 5 x 1 hour sessions, 2 x 2.5 hour sessions etc. You can meet at any mutually convenient location (your home, your tutor’s home, a library etc). You can also arrange for sessions to take place virtually (eg. via Zoom or Microsoft Teams). 

Note that the purpose of personal tutoring is for you to obtain guidance on aspects of UCAT that you find difficult. The aim is not for your tutor to ‘teach’ you everything. Therefore, while awaiting your tutor allocation, we suggest that you work through the resources on the Online Learning Platform and identify questions, issues or concepts that you find difficult, so you can cover them in your tutoring sessions. This will enable you to gain the most from your sessions.

3 Tips for getting the most out of your tutoring sessions

1. Bookmark difficult questions and concepts

As you work through the resources on the Online Learning Platform, we suggest that you bookmark difficult questions and write down any queries you may have relating to UCAT. You can then discuss these questions during your tutoring sessions so that they are more valuable for you.

2. Arrange sessions well in advance

All tutors have excelled in UCAT and are currently studying medicine. They therefore have their own academic and social commitments. To ensure that you are able to book sessions which best suit you, please arrange your tutoring sessions well in advance. We suggest you space out your sessions on a regular basis in order to gain the most from them.

3. Provide contact details to your tutor

Your tutor will be provided with the email address and phone number that you used to register with MedEntry. At your first session, please confirm with your tutor that these details are correct. Please also consider providing an additional, alternative contact phone number and email address (for example, of a parent). This will ensure that you will be able to communicate with your tutor easily.