What email address should I use to register with MedEntry?

When registering with MedEntry, we recommend avoiding school email addresses and Microsoft email addresses (such as Outlook, Hotmail and Live).

School email addresses

Many school inboxes have high security when it comes to emails from external organisations. Some students in the past have not received important emails from MedEntry because they have used their school email address. Furthermore, school email addresses can be hard to access once you graduate, so this could mean you miss out on important information in the future.

Microsoft emails (eg. Outlook, Hotmail, Live)

Microsoft emails such as Outlook, Hotmail and Live do not guarantee delivery of emails. Emails to such addresses are also often inappropriately marked as spam.

Note: this does not mean that you can’t use Microsoft or school email addresses. Many of our students do, and do not experience any issues. However, it may lead to you missing out on emails which contain important information. Therefore, if possible, we recommend using a different email provider.

If you need to change your accounts email, you may do so from the Edit Profile page.

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