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University Admissions

These differ between universities. Most courses require you to satisfy the three criteria: secondary school marks, UCAT and Interviews. We encourage all students to contact the admissions officer of each course they are interested in to find out the specific entry requirements. The contact details for university health science faculties can be found in the University Contacts information sheet on our free downloads page. For further information, please visit our university admissions page.

Note that all MedEntry packages include a comprehensive University Admissions Guide, with valuable information about the admissions process.

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Not necessarily!

Entry into medicine in general is dependent upon three criteria: academic performance, UCAT and interviews. In general, the better your UCAT and interview performance, the lower the required performance in your secondary school studies. 

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Once you have paid for this service, please upload your application (in Microsoft Word format) through the Personal Statement Review Service icon on the MyMedEntry page.

Please Note:

- Each Application Review Service is valid for one application.

- Please ensure that you allow at least two working days to process your application.

- Applications must be submitted in Microsoft Word format. If they are submitted in any other format, it will be difficult to provide feedback.

Once your application is reviewed, it will be emailed back to you with feedback recorded using the 'Track Changes' feature of Microsoft Word.

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