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Medical Interview Training

If you are NOT currently a MedEntry student, before you can purchase your medical interview training, you will need to register with MedEntry. See our FAQ – How do I register on the MedEntry site? 

  1. Log in to your MedEntry account
  2. On the My MedEntry page, click on the "Shop" icon
  3. Under the medical interview training packages, select the product of your choice and click "proceed"
  4. The next page will allow you to review the product you are purchasing and contains a link to the dates and locations of the medical interview training sessions. Click “add to cart”
  5. Your package has now been added to your cart.
  6. You can view your cart from here by clicking on “view cart”
  7. You can continue shopping by clicking on “products”
  8. Once you have placed all the products you wish to purchase in your cart, click “proceed”
  9. Please review the items you have placed in your cart.
  10. Click “checkout” to complete your purchase
  11. Please check your personal / billing information.
    1. If the information is correct, click “next”
    2. If the information is incorrect, please go back to the My MedEntry page, click “edit profile” and update your information
  12. Select your billing method, EFT, cheque, money order or credit/debit card. Click “next”
  13. Payment information
    1. If paying by EFT, cheque or money order, you will be given information on how to complete your payment
    2. If paying by credit/debit card, enter your card details when prompted
    3. Click “next”
  14. Terms and Conditions
    1. Please read through MedEntry’s Terms and Conditions and tick the box
    2. Once the box is ticked you will be able to click the “complete purchase” button to complete your purchase
  15. When you see a message "payment finished..." click the green button "click here to proceed ..."
  16. On the next page you will be given your order number. Once your payment is received you will be able to book a place in an interview training session

See FAQ – “How do I book a place in an interview training session”

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To find out the specific entry requirements for the course you are interested in, please contact the university directly.

For a general overview of which universities require an interview, please review the resources on our university admissions page.

Note that all of MedEntry’s packages include a comprehensive University Admissions Guide.

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Interview training sessions start at 9:00 am (Registration between 9 am and 9:15 am) and finish approximately at 4:30 pm (it may finish later at 5 pm for some universities). 

Please ensure you arrive on time, as late arrival will cause disruption to the workshop.

Note: the exact start and end times may vary for some sessions. Please carefully check the email that will be sent in advance of your session for confirmed details. 

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Yes! Interviews are a crucial aspect of the selection process for entry into health science courses. Most people focus on secondary school, study for the UCAT but do not prepare for the interview.

However, knowledge of the types of questions asked, coaching on interview technique and enhanced communication skills can dramatically improve your performance. You should not go into an interview unprepared or not having an understanding of what you will be asked. If you do, you will be at a competitive disadvantage compared to those who are prepared for the interview.

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The MedEntry Team has extensive interview expertise and knowledge of the types of questions likely to arise at each university, which we use to provide you with focussed training.

Our interview guide comes with all of our packages, or can be purchased separately. It is packed with information on interview technique, common themes in health science interviews and how to tackle specific questions that will be asked.

MedEntry also offers Medical Interview Training Sessions that are tailored to specific Universities and Courses, since each university has a unique interview style and set of questions. The session is a day-long program facilitated by an expert. It covers interview technique, specific questions likely to arise and strategies that can be used to answer them.

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Interview training sessions provide students with strategies and tips on how to succeed in medical or dental interviews. The sessions are tailored to the specific university/course for which the student has received an offer, enabling detailed discussion of the specific questions likely to arise at that interview.

The sessions are conducted in small groups, allowing personalised feedback and interaction to occur. An expert will facilitate the session and provide feedback on everything from interview technique to the intricacies of students' answers.

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Please come to the venue by 8:30 am and you can enrol & pay (cash only) at the venue. You can do this even if the event is shown as "FULL". Please contact us for the venue. 

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View the many student and parent endorsements of our interview training.

95% of students who have undergone our full training program have been successful in obtaining a place in one or more medical schools.

Psychometric and personality tests (such as the UCAT and interviews) rely on the fact that the candidates do not prepare, so testers/interviewers actively discourage the candidates from preparing. They do this by propagating various myths such as: preparation does not help; it will be a waste of resources; preparation may hinder your performance; interviewers are trained to pick up those who are coached; that there are some questions in the test/interview which are designed to detect if you try to second guess; it will work against you; it will disadvantage you; we can tell if you prepare etc. Accredited testers know that such organisations go to great lengths to place fear in the candidates to ensure they do not prepare, precisely because preparation works!

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Purchasing a Medical Interview Training Package (MIT) will allow attendance in a MIT Session.

For details on how to purchase, please refer to

Once you have purchased a package, click on the Bookings button to view your available bookings. Click through to select your workshop date.

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This is a myth promoted by universities to prevent you from preparing, because if you do prepare, their job becomes harder. 


If you believe this myth, try watching a stand-up comedy show by the same comedian two days in a row. You will see that the seemingly 'random' thoughts which pop into their heads, which makes their lines so funny, are exactly the same. They have been rehearsed and practised hundreds and perhaps thousands of times. No one would say that stand-up comedians come across as rehearsed! Jerry Seinfeld, for example, takes one line of delivery and works on it for days, polishing the intonation, delivery, pitch etc. Yet when he comes on stage, it seems natural.


MedEntry's Medical Interview Training Sessions are designed to help you prepare effectively for your interview and come across in a natural, genuine manner. 

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