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Why doesn't MedEntry offer regular classes for UCAT preparation?

  1. With the Learning Management System (LMS), you can practise in your own time. Your fixed study schedule for school/university will not be affected by studying for the UCAT, which offers flexible learning via the LMS.
  2. With the LMS, you can prepare at your own pace, anywhere, any time, and any place. Unlike some others which restrict use of the online resources to only one computer (IP address), MedEntry's LMS can be used anywhere.
  3. Student time during the final year is at a premium.  Students have to juggle many activities: study for school/uni exams; work experience; co-curricular activities etc. MedEntry's UCAT Preparation program is efficient and effective.
  4. At some universities, interview counts for about a third of your total score (as much as your academic score, for which you spend 12 years at school). To be able to do well in interviews, you need to engage in some co-curricular activities as well. Having weekly classes will disrupt your schedule.
  5. All they do in 'weekly classes' is work through example questions. It is far better to do the numerous questions you have available on the LMS in the comfort of your own home, at a time that is convenient for you. This 'thinking' time and the 'discussion' time with your friends at school is the most valuable time, rather than passively being 'spoon fed' in weekly classes.
  6. You don't have to waste time travelling to the venue every week. For example, some student comments: "I did private tutoring for a few months, but everything I learnt through my tutor was covered in only two days with MedEntry and MedEntry was a lot cheaper!"; "MedEntry uses the time more effectively (eg 16 hours over two days) and recognises that students don't have the time to come for 2 hr sessions over many days" or "The short intensive two days course along with an excellent LMS system is ideal, since it does not take away time from school/uni subject study".
  7. Those who claim to offer 'Weekly Classes' actually offer only 2 hour classes over 5 days for just one week or 2 hours per week over 3 months. It is much more efficient when this learning takes place over one weekend in MedEntry UCAT Course.
  8. Surveys show that over 99% of students find the two day UCAT course plus the LMS (and for those enrolled in the Diamond package, personalised tutoring) is more than adequate for UCAT preparation.
  9. Most UCAT Preparation involves reflection, practising by yourself as well as discussion with other UCAT "study buddies". Therefore, there is little to be gained by attending weekly 'classes' where you are taught didactically. Ultimately you will be sitting the exam on your own. For 'criterion referenced tests' such as school subject exams, weekly classes may help, but for 'norm referenced tests' such as UCAT, weekly classes are of no benefit.
  10. If you have any questions or concerns regarding any aspect of the LMS (questions, guides or other resources), you can email us and our online Tutors will respond promptly.
  11. The face-to-face classes often comprise of sitting in a room listening to an inexperienced and unqualified student reading off a power-point slide. You rarely find experienced, qualified and competent teachers running weekly classes for UCAT.
  12. MedEntry's resources are based on self-directed, guided learning that is targeted to your own strengths and weaknesses. You will not waste time on generic classes that will cover all material, whether or not you are skilled in that particular area. Learning via MedEntry LMS is efficient and targeted to you, rather than to other people.
  13. MedEntry workshops can have as few as ten students depending on the workshop date and location. The workshops are also professionally managed so that we can ensure personal attention and tuition and maximise interaction. The Lecturers are also available at the end of the day to answer all students' questions.
  14. Research papers presented at a recent IAEA conference showed that the effect of improvement in the scores of students who undergo coaching through weekly classes is non existent compared to those who engage mainly in self-study together with an intense weekend course that MedEntry offers.

Virtually all medical school lectures at all universities are now ‘Online’, so there is no need to attend the classes every week and only a small minority do!

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