Unrivalled Results

Unrivalled Results

Our success rate is outstanding

A survey of students who have been through our full training program showed that 92% were offered interviews, and 88% were offered places in one or more medical schools. Feedback statistics show that 99.1% of our customers would recommend MedEntry’s services to their friends.

Here at MedEntry, our reputation is based on results.

Over 95% of our students come through word-of-mouth referrals.

We are proud to have trained tens of thousands of health professionals

Many of our students are children, siblings, relatives, friends, students, mentees, patients or family friends of our past students. We are very proud of this long term family relationship we have with our students. Our past students are so satisfied with our service that they turn into fans and talk about us!

MedEntry is by far the most popular choice for UCAT test takers in Australia, New Zealand and Ireland.

Compare yourself against the best, to be your best

Many MedEntry students go on to achieve perfect scores in secondary school. In fact, most students who obtain perfect secondary school scores and want to pursue medicine/health sciences have had MedEntry's coaching.

With MedEntry you will be able to compare your performance with the best students across the United Kingdom. You will also be able to interact with the best students on MedEntry Forums. When you do MedEntry, you can be confident that you are learning with the best students. MedEntry is considered by far the best UCAT Preparation course by medical students, teachers, doctors, parents and health professionals.