Our Resources

Our Resources

MedEntry is the only UCAT preparation institution with an extensive and unparalleled bank of questions, resources and course techniques developed for UCAT over a period of over thirty years. We have over 10,000 questions, over 1000 pages of preparation materials and more, accessible via our user friendly Learning Management System (included in all of our packages). The LMS offers an intelligent interactive learning environment. You will have access to forums and discussion threads of past students dating back over several years. No other organisation can provide the sheer volume of quality questions that MedEntry offers.

Unique Features

MedEntry is the only organisation which enables you to compare your scores and answers for each question with all other students in Australia and New Zealand (which is what ACER does). We also have a MedEntry UCAT preparation app. available for iPhone and Android users once you have purchased one of our packages so you can complete UCAT questions in your own time and on the go.

Our 15 Practice Exams are considered the best by far among UCAT preparation courses. This is because they are comprehensively and meticulously researched and written by experts with a thorough knowledge of the real UCAT. They are updated regularly to reflect changes that occur in the UCAT. Unlike other UCAT preparation courses, all of MedEntry's questions come with fully worked solutions.

Please do not waste your money and precious time in doing other courses or researching alternative UCAT resources, as the materials are often contradictory and out of date. There is more than enough up-to-date, focused and quality preparation provided on the Learning Management System. Also be aware of 'free practice sites' that are intended to sell ads and spam, not to help you prepare.

Due to our experience in teaching medical entrance courses internationally and speaking at various international conferences, we can predict and proactively provide advice on the likely future changes.


We have prepared a number of short videos to highlight some of the key features of the MedEntry LMS.

We invite you to browse them.