From Education - An Australian Jewish News Publication (March 2012, Page 7)

From Education - An Australian Jewish News Publication (March 2012, Page 7)

After School Years:

It is not only children entering Prep who need, and benefit from, programs that help prepare them for the next big step in their lives.

Young people on the precipice of finishing school can also profit and choose from a wide variety of opportunities – such as Tutors, universit courses as part of high school subjects, and even programs that help prepare for university entrance exams for the more competitive courses.

One such program is MedEntry, a Registered Training Organisation that offers UCAT preparation for entry into medicine.

Due to the quality of services provided and a focus on getting students into medicine, MedEntry has become synonymous with UCAT Preparation.

It is the only program that is recommended by teachers, principals, careers counsellors, doctors and parents. MedEntry is also the only organisation which is approached by schools and other government bodies to run ‘in-house’ UCAT programs.

Over the years the institution has trained tens of thousands of practicing doctors, dentists, physiotherapists, optometrists and other health professionals.

Established through a grant from the Foundation for Young Australians, the program is run by doctors and academics with expertise in test development and analysis

Offering two day courses, high quality practice exams, drills, guides, support and personalised training, MedEntry also offers interview training and advice on getting into high demand university courses. The organisation also trains students wishing to enter medicine in countries such as New Zealand and Ireland. After graduation, preparation is also provided for Registrar Specialist Training Interviews.

The Institute takes a holistic approach. Students who attend the course say that they have become more motivated to study, become more effective and efficient learners and have acquired thinking skills. This results not only an enhanced ATAR but is also useful throughout their lives.

MedEntry ‘imparts the learning skills that students take with them for life and provides training that is geared towards making you a better person, with better reasoning and problem-solving skills, and emotional intelligence’ (from FOCUS, the Australian Doctor magazine, April 2005, p23).

Students often comment that the MedEntry course is the best workshop they have ever attended, and for some, the workshop is life-changing. MedEntry teaches life skills which are not taught at school or university.