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MedEntry Presents at Careers Expo

MedEntry is invited to speak at the VCE Expo in Melbourne every year. At the Careers Forum, MedEntry addresses students on the topic 'Working in medicine'. MedEntry also presents very popular seminars on 'Medical Entry' and 'Acing the UCAT'. (Source: The Age VCE & Careers Expo).

MedEntry also presents the same seminars on 'Medical Entry', 'Working in medicine' and 'Acing the UCAT' at the HSC Expo in Sydney every year (Source: The Sydney Morning Herald HSC and Careers Expo).


Compared to their peers a generation ago, today's young people are maturing earlier, physically and mentally. Yet Melbourne University claims that 18 year olds cannot make up their minds about career choices (5/10) and is attempting to keep them at university for longer, thereby increasing their income from fees. 

Due to current government policy, universities are unable to charge full fee for undergrad students, but can do so for postgrad students. By moving its high demand courses such as Medicine to graduate level, the university is taking advantage of this anomaly and increasing their income further. 

Highly able students mature earlier intellectually, so are able to make career choices after high school and will be lured to rivals like Monash. The feedback I get is that nearly all students want to get into medicine straight after Y12, rather than being forced to do Biomed or such an irrelevant degree first. 

Melbourne Uni will be the loser in the long term due to loss of such bright students, although it may benefit them financially in the short term. 

Dallas Gibson of Medical-Entrance BANKRUPT

Dallas Gibson of Medical-Entrance/Eglobamed/Icarus/Premed is currently bankrupt. He has now been bankrupt on three separate occasions (1988, 2000 and now).

You can view the Federal Court ruling of his bankruptcy by clicking here. Alternatively, you can go to the Federal Court website (under Bankruptcy -> Court Events and Orders):

For evidence of his 1988 bankruptcy, please click here.

For evidence of his 2000 bankruptcy, please click here.

In addition to being sued by MedEntry, Dallas Gibson was sued by Middletons (his ex-lawyers - Claim U02414246) and by Doherty & Colleagues Solicitors (acting for Maxim P/L) in the Melbourne Federal Magistrates court. Grievances against this man and his practices run deep and are widespread - he has been sued by three separate entities in the last 2 years. He owes substantial amounts of money to numerous organisations, such as Middletons Lawyers, Maxim Electrical Services, PBB Forensics, Clik Pad and Deloittes.

MedEntry UCAT Prep wins Foundation For Australian Youth Grant!

We are extremely delighted to announce that we have been offered a generous grant by the Foundation for Australian Youth to pursue the MedEntry UCAT Prep initiative.

After a competitive selection process, the Foundation has deemed that our initiative, is worthy of funding to enable us to offer our courses and materials to you. The aim is to enhance youth participation and create opportunities for the development of young people. 

Specifically MedEntry UCAT Prep aims to help Australian and New Zealand youth keen to pursue a career in the medicine.


MedEntry has comprehensively won the Federal Court case against Dallas Michael Gibson for breach of copyright and breach of the Trade Practices Act (Claim number VID1289-2004).The court found that Dallas Gibson flagrantly violated the Commonwealth Copyright Act. Dallas Gibson's cross-claims against MedEntry were dismissed by the Judge as spurious.

MedEntry was awarded a significant sum in court costs (please click here). In addition, damages are yet to be and will be pursued. This will result in Gibson becoming bankrupt for the fourth time.

The Judge was scathing of Gibson. Her Honour labelled him 'dishonest', criticised his qualifications as 'slight', described his conduct as 'reprehensible' and concluded that he 'fabricated' evidence' (including letters) and was 'prepared to mislead and tell untruths in order to secure business.' Gibson is in contempt of the Court by criticising the Judge and by not complying with the Court's orders.

Several companies and legal firms are searching for Dallas Michael Gibson in order to serve legal papers on him for bankruptcy and for unpaid money that he owes. If you know the whereabouts of this man or his current address, please let us know. A reward will be provided.

Please click here for a summary and relevant extracts from the Judgment. A full text of the Judgement can be found on the Federal Court website:

Please click here for a summary and relevant extracts from the Court Orders. A full text of the Court Orders can be found on the Federal Court website: