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MedEntry Orientation - Multi-Year Package

Your multi-year package provides you with access to UCAT preparation materials up until your testing date. You will automatically gain access to new resources and features as they are developed. Here are some answers to frequently asked questions about multi-year packages:

My multi-year package includes a workshop. How many workshops can I attend?

You can attend one workshop from the time of purchase until the UCAT. The content of the workshops is similar year to year, so it is not normally necessary to attend more than one workshop. However, if you wish to attend another workshop, you can do so by contacting MedEntry.

When is the best time to attend a workshop?

We generally suggest attending a workshop as early as possible, but after doing a bit of preparation and at least one full length practice exam. This will ensure you have a basic understanding of UCAT, and that you understand your strengths and weaknesses.

Attending an early workshop will enable you to gain a good overview of UCAT, understand how to best prepare, and enable you to use the time after the workshop to put into practice the skills you learn.

My multi-year package includes a tutor. When can I start tutoring?

Your tutor will generally be allocated one year before you sit UCAT. This gives you time to work through the resources on the online learning platform, gain a solid understanding of UCAT, and familiarise yourself with your strengths and weaknesses. Doing so will enable you to gain the most from your tutoring sessions.

However, if you would like a tutor allocated earlier, please contact us, and this can be arranged.

Can I add on other services to my multi-year package later, such as the weekly classes?

Yes, you can add on other services at any time. Please log into your MedEntry account and click on the ‘Shop’ icon, then 'Purchase New Services'.

Do I get new questions/exams each year or are they the same ones each year?

MedEntry is continually adding questions, resources and new features to the online platform. You will immediately gain access to all of these additions throughout your multi-year package, as soon as they are made live on the system.

Questions and resources may be replaced as the platform is improved each year. You will also find new questions and resources each year. Therefore, while you will not necessarily have completely new questions and exams each year, there will be updates.

Widening Access to Medicine

How MedEntry can help.

MedEntry has a strong commitment to the community and we are passionate about widening access to education to those from disadvantaged and under-serviced groups.

We are pleased to offer 50% off our online and platinum packages for students who can provide suitable supporting evidence. Please apply below:

Widening access/participation in medicine.


In the UK, medicine and being a doctor has traditionally been seen as a career for the elite or privileged in society.

Despite efforts to increase gender parity and ethnic diversity among UK doctors, the lack of people from lower socio-economic backgrounds entering the profession is still a reality. Widening participation (WP) is a UK government initiative offering opportunities to groups of people who are under-represented in higher education.

Some under-represented groups include people:

  • who are the first generation to consider higher education.
  • from low socio-economic groups.
  • attending schools with low progression into higher education.


Please note that you need to apply and be accepted prior to purchasing a package, to get the discount. Discounts cannot be applied retrospectively.

* Required field

Suitable Supporting Evidence

  • Free school meals
    • A letter from the student's school/college, or local council confirming that they are eligible to/or receive free school meals.
  • 16-19 bursary (England) or Education Maintenance Allowance (EMA) (Scotland, Wales or NI)
    • An official award letter for this academic year.
  • Universal credit
  • Income Support/Job Seeker's Allowance or Employment and Support Allowance (ESA)
    • If the student or their parent/guardian receives this, then they can provide a letter from the UK Jobcentre Plus, dated in 2021.
  • Asylum Support
    • If the student or a parent/guardian receives this support, then they can provide a 2021 dated letter.
  • Working or Child Tax Credit
    • If the student or a family member is in receipt of Tax Credits, then they can provide a letter dated from 2020/21 or 2021/22. The student must be named on the award.

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